Personalized Yoga Sessions :: One on One and Small Group

Sangha Yoga offers Personalized Yoga Sessions

Originally, yoga was directly taught by one teacher to one student.  The ancient teachers of yoga realized the importance of individualizing the yoga experience to meet the needs of the student.  A personalized Yoga session at Sangha allows for a more intimate approach to your practice.  As a beginning yoga student, you can start a new practice.  As an intermediate student, you can enhance your existing practice or work on an injury or other physical condition.  If you’re a seasoned practitioner, you can take your personal practice to an entirely new level.  When you work with a teacher one on one, the teacher is able to help you experience yoga in a more personal way. Personalized yoga sessions are perfect for brand new beginners, for experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice, or those working on a personal injury or other physical challenges. Private Personalized Yoga instruction is the way yoga was meant to be taught.  Let’s create a unique yoga program for you!  Call or email Mia today to schedule your Personalized Yoga Session!

For New Students:

For those new to yoga, group classes can be intimidating.  Personalized Yoga sessions will allow Mia the opportunity to focus on you, and she will make sure you obtain an appropriate and complete yoga foundation.  Mia will also provide you with the knowledge of proper alignment, adjustments, and modifications that work for you.  A few personalized yoga sessions will help you feel confident as you enter a regular yoga practice in Sangha’s open classes. Personal Yoga Basics: 6 sessions for a discounted rate of $350

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Other Possible Options:

*Personalized Yoga sessions one on one - $65/hr
  • First time Discounts:  3 sessions for $150 (save $45)
                                          6 session for $300 (save $90) *Personalized Yoga Sessions for a small group (2-15 people) *Personalized Family Yoga Sessions *Couples Sessions – there’s nothing like yoga bonding to strengthen a relationship *Host a Yoga Party!  (Birthday/Wedding/Girls' Night Out/Couples Date Night) *Corporate Yoga (Employee Wellness/Yoga @ Lunch/Corporate Team Building)

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